Understanding Identity Theft

Thieves know what they are doing, but do you?

Understanding identity theft and how it occurs provides you a better perspective that can help you limit the risk. In order to get your identity back is an important aspect and to help you will need to take extra steps to protect yourself.

5 Ways thieves get your personal information

  1. Looking through rubbish, also known as “dumpster diving”.
  2. Stealing wallets and purses or other personal information from your home.
  3. Stealing mail, including bank and credit statements, pre-approved credit offers, new checks, or tax information.
  4. Hacking unprotected computers and all of the personal information stored on them.
  5. Stealing credit and debit card numbers as your transactions are being made. A special storage device is used to skim all of your personal information.

5 things a thief can do with your name

  1. Open new credit card accounts to fund shopping sprees.
  2. Establish mobile phones or utility accounts.
  3. Take out loans
  4. Open a new bank account and write bad checks on that account.
  5. Give your name to the police during an arrest. If they are released and don’t show up for their court date, an arrest warranty could be issued in your name.

Being aware and avoiding damage

It’s hard to deal with feeling vulnerable and violated. Stress often occurs when reclaiming an identity and repairing the damage.

This issue needs to be taken seriously. Continue to learn about the issues and take steps to minimise the risk.