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If you are looking to buy a Paper Shredder but you’re not sure which one would be suitable for you we’ll try and help. We also provide advice on how best to deal with the growing threat of Identity Theft and give tips on how to prevent becoming a victim.

Whether you are looking for a personal paper shredder, a general use office shredder or a professional high volume, high security paper shredder we can point you in the right direction.

Choosing the correct paper shredder for your needs can be a minefield because there are lots of manufacturers to choose from and typically each manufacturer will have a comprehensive range of shredders. Some will be cheap, “entry level” paper shredders that might only handle a couple of sheets of A4 paper and will burn out quickly if overused but at the other end of the spectrum are large “industrial” shredders that will finely shred paper, cardboard and CDs.

When selecting a paper shredder it’s typically a compromise between budget, functionality and quality and getting the balance right is not easy.